As determined in Article 3 of the Higher Education Law No. 2547, institutes serve as higher education institutions that conduct postgraduate education, training, scientific research and practice in more than one similar and related disciplines in universities and faculties. Bingöl University is one of 17 new universities, which was established with the Law No. 5662 on the "Law on the Organization of Higher Education Institutions, the Decree on the Staff of Higher Education Institutions Academic Staff, and the Law on Amending the Schedules Attached to the Decree on General Staff and Procedure" and it is one of the universities approved by the President on 28 May 2007.

The establishment of the Bingöl University Institute of Social Sciences was also established with the "ç" article of the Additional Article 85 added to the 7th Article of the Law No. 5662 dated 17.05.2007 and approved by the President. 26.02. As of February 26, 2009, the Director of the Institute has been appointed.

Our Institute provides education and training services to a total of 334 students in 11 departments, with 11 master's with thesis, 4 master's degrees without thesis (IE), 1 master's degree without thesis and 4 doctorate programs.



Institutes, where postgraduate education and training activities are carried out, are the units where the teaching staff of the universities are trained. The value given to the institutes, the resources transferred, the opportunities provided will directly affect the scientific level of the academicians. Postgraduate education includes knowledge that will be necessary for life for those outside the university. Academic levels of universities are measured by the capacity and scientific activities of the Institutes. With this awareness, scientific research will be carried out

intensively in local, national and international fields with our graduate programs and quotas to be increased. Advanced research projects to increase the scientific and technological capacity of our country, with projects to be developed for the efficient use of resources allocated to cscience and technology in the development of university-industry cooperation considering that universities are pioneers in research and development activities, by preserving university-public-private sector joint R&D activities, and by continuing our postgraduate studies with projects having local-regional-national-international characteristics we continue our activities that will provide concrete solutions to problems, put them into practice and ensure the science production function of our university


Our vision is to become a recognized institute that has incorporated scientific technology into the teaching process in five years, transformed the scientific stance into culture, and ensured its international integration. Our goal is to increase the number of our students in the next five years by opening master's and doctoral programs in all of our programs in addition to the current master's programs.



With the aim of being a reliable and preferred Institute with the concept of meeting the needs and expectations in education fully to to meet the needs and expectations of internal and external stakeholders, to improve education, research and service processes continuously in order to produce solutions for social needs and problems, to enable all academic staff to use their talents at the highest level within the scope of quality systems. to increase the quality level constantly by producing pioneering studies and projects, to increase the international databases and indexes in which our Institute's journal, which is primarily preferred in national and international academic studies, is scanned, raising students that are self-confident at the graduate level, having critical thinking and analytical intelligence, reading the tradition correctly, constantly renewing and developing himself, gaining problem-solving skills, having high representation skills, internalizing moral values, aiming to gain an academic understanding of science, being aware of local and universal values, having the mentality of creating a good and peaceful world, it undertakes to prioritize academic, administrative and student satisfaction, to use resources effectively, to become a leading institution with its knowledge and experience, to be an institution that adopts access to information, being competitive and constantly improving the quality of all activities.